By: Audi Austin

With the anticipation of warm weather up ahead, the days of dressing for warmth during the chilly winters are long gone, and we can now enjoy the chance to show off our style without worrying about the temperature. Prepare to upgrade your wardrobe with these casual yet stylish clothes that capture the spirit of springtime dressing!

Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts, or skirts with parallel creases and folds, are perfect for spring no matter your clothing style. Depending on how you style it, these skirts can be worn with a grunge style, a sporty style, and even a chic formal style. They can be worn for practical reasons because they provide more room for movement and can also be more comfortable than a tight-fitting skirt. For a sporty look, styling the skirt with a halter top, a sweatshirt, or a polo top is the way to go. Especially with the rise of tennis in the spring, pleated skirts are a definite tennis-girl favorite. For an elegant look, choose a maxi pleated skirt and style it with a long-sleeve blouse or button-up. For something casual, wearing a regular t-shirt, loosely tucked under the skirt looks good. For those with a more alternative style, pleated skirts from stores like Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters are perfect to match your aesthetic. For something more classic, or soft stores like Forever 21, H&M, Halara, and Brandy Melville are perfect. For formal or more modest skirts, try Nordstrom or ASOS. For something with a sporty style, try Lululemon or Fabletics. These skirts usually start at $15, but can go up to $90 depending on the quality!

Denim on Denim

The rise of spring brings out the best in denim outfits. Denim has a timeless appeal, and everyone has it in their wardrobe. Denim jackets or tops along with denim jeans or skirts are sure to trend during spring season. They have a wide range of colors, rather than just blue, and tons of washes, rather than the basic medium wash.  Plus, recently the styles of denim have been getting more creative. With recent trends of patched denim those who want to make a more sophisticated look can stand out from the basics of denim. Two piece denim outfits have also been trending during the warmer seasons on apps like Instagram and Pinterest. For a casual look, pairing a denim jacket with denim jeans fits perfectly. More a feminine dressy look, you can pair flared denim jeans with a denim corset, or layer a long sleeved top with a denim vest. For something stylish and masculine, go for a long denim jacket, or a denim vest jacket and pair that with denim jeans or denim shorts. Stores like Levi, Micas, PacSun, Hollister, and ASOS are the best choices. The cost of denim pieces usually range from around $30 to $150.

Track suits

With recent rises of new tracksuit styles for both men and women, suit styles can range from casual, streetwear, sporty, and even chic! Tracksuits have become a statement piece in the fashion world, and even though the sporty look has not been replaced, with many designers and brands creating high-end tracksuits that are designed to be worn as a fashion item, many prefer this rather than wearing athletic wear. This has made tracksuits more appealing to people who want to wear for comfort and style. Feminine velour tracksuits also have a 2000’s vibe that has been trending on social media. Tracksuits are a practical choice for many people as they are easy to wear, comfortable and functional. For comfortable feminine track suits, shops like Fine Girl, Juicy Couture, Forever 21, and H&M. For feminine sporty tracksuits. Stores like Fabletics go great for stylish sporty tracksuits. For something more masculine, sporty and casual tracksuits can be found in stores like Adidas, Underamour, and Nike. For velour tracksuits, stores like True Religion and BooHooMAN are great. These can range from about $20, to $120.

Floral Print Dress

Floral print clothes, from tops, dresses, and even pants, are the main clothing pattern associated with spring. Floral prints are associated with nature and bright colors, that give off the warmth that spring season has. For the spring season, floral print dresses are great to give off the feminine- spring vibe. Floral print has a multitude of colors. Even cold colors, such as blue or purple can be used in floral print, and do not take away from the warm vibe. Floral dresses are usually perceived as soft and delicate. They come in many different styles, cuts, and lengths, making it easy to find the perfect floral dress that fits one’s style. To add more flare to an outfit, one could choose a dress with ruffles and ruffle sleeves. For something soft and cottage core-y, floral dresses with puffer sleeves add style. You can find floral print dresses at classic stores like Forever 21, and Windsor. Other great shops include Lulus, Pink Lily, and ASOS. 

Vest over Collared Shirt Combination:

The vest over a collared shirt fashion trend blooms during springtime. Be it sweater vests, or dress vests, the layering combination is simple, yet has a stylish and contemporary look no matter the aesthetic. They can be worn in a variety of settings, like school, and even in more formal places. This combination is a great style for those who love the classic preppy look. It serves as the perfect androgynous Pinterest-y look. For a professional style, try a collared shirt layered with a sweater vest. As for bottoms, you could wear dress pants, a fitted skirt, or khakis. For something more grunge fashion, you can layer a collared top with a fitted dress-vest, and add a denim skirt, and accessories with fishnets and boots. For vests with a grunge style, stores like Temu, Emmiol, and Romwe go well. For softer or more classic vests, try stores like H&M, Target, Cider, and PacSun. These usually go from about $9 to $40.

Tie Cardigans

Cardigans have always been perfect to keep warmth, but during a warmer season like spring, cardigans can be worn more for style than warmth. Tie cardigans are a great example. Tie cardigans are cardigans with strings, allowing them to be tied at the chest, and can be sheer, knit, crochet, or solid. They serve as a stylish layering piece that elevates the look of your outfit, and is perfect to enhance a basic outfit. In order to style for a soft but casual look, simply add a light colored tie cardigan to a crop top, then add any pants and some sneakers. For a more dressy look, you can add a pleated skirt or dress underneath! Tie cardigans can be worn with a tight fit or a loose fit depending on the style. Great stores for tie cardigans include Zara, Forever 21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters. These start at about $10, and can go up to $60.

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