By Audi Austin (’24) Staff Contributor

The trend of fashion is constantly evolving to fit the minds of those who are broadening their sense of style. Wintry weather and snowfall are approaching, and practicality is the theme. Here are some simple, yet cozy pieces that will undoubtedly trend this winter.

Puffer Jackets

For those who love a casual retro look, puffer jackets are a must. Perfect to pair with any pants, puffer coats are a fashion staple for people of all ages and genders during the wintertime. The jacket is an ideal practical, yet stylish piece bound to trend in 2023. Also known as down jackets, puffer jackets are not only lightweight, but they are also quilted with down feathers or synthetic alternatives to trap the heat in, ensuring your warmth. They are also not just perfect for the casual streetwear style; puffer jackets are perfect for those of all styles. Chic? Couture? Casual? Puffers come in various colors, styles, and sizes. Matte or glossy textures, light or dark colors, cropped or long-sized… You are sure to find the perfect puffer for you! These coats can cost anywhere between $40 to $150 at retailers including GAP, H&M, Hollister, and Forever 21. At more upscale stores like The North Face, Lululemon, and Ralph Lauren, they can range from $80 to $600. Whether to keep it basic with a puffer coat, cargo pants, and sneakers, or dress it up with turtlenecks and winter skirts, puffer coats are perfect for any outfit in the winter.

Oversized Cardigans

With the newer appearances of androgynous fashion, oversized cardigans are sure to be seen this winter. Cardigans come in a variety of styles that suit all genders: mono-colored or patterned, knit or solid, patchwork or multicolored; cardigans are timeless basics that will surely make their way into the 2023 fashion trends. Not only are they comfortable, they bring the perfect amount of warmth:  Not too little, but also not too overwhelming. Oversized cardigans give the warm, cozy look that is the perfect outerwear piece to complete your winter outfit. The best cardigans can be found in brands like H&M, Zara, and Banana Republic, which can go for up to $100. 

Fur Boots

Dramatic and sassy, or clean and casual, fur boots are a must. Big fur boots that were popular in the 2000s are now making a comeback. Smaller, more casual fur boots are starting to trend as well. Big fur boots are great winter shoes for women with a more unique sense of style. Fur boots are also your friend if you’re a man who enjoys casual shoes that fit the season. There are a variety of options for furry shoes. Whether you go with real animal fur, or a more eco-friendly fabric like faux fur, fur boots are necessary to tread the winter snow thisseason. A combination of polyester, modacrylic, and acrylic fibers is used for faux fur boots, while real fur boots are often made with mink, fox, and rabbit fur. For fashionable fur boots with vegan-friendly options, brands like Guess, Bearpaw, Uggs, and Doc Martens are the way to go. These shoes can go from $60 to $210.

Jean Jacket Over Hoodie

Protect yourself from the cold by pairing a hoodie with a jean jacket this winter. The jean jacket over hoodie combination has been an old popular classic in the streetwear style, and is starting to gain more attraction. They bring a modern but laid-back look to the outfit. They are perfect for comfort and warmth. To nail the style, choose a slightly oversized hoodie and pair it with a loose fitted denim jacket on top. The combination can be worn with casual, loose-fitting pants such as sweatpants or cargos to complete the look. You can even find jean jackets with built-in hoodies for easy wear. Some popular brands to find denim jackets and hoodies would be Levi’s, GAP, Hollister, and Ralph Lauren.

Flannel Jackets

From flannel shirts, button-ups, and jackets, flannel has always been a stylish, classic flair that compliments every look that is coming back into fashion with a few tweaks. These items are certain to emerge this season thanks to the newer trendy addition of wool-lined or faux fur jackets with plaid patterns. Hooded wool-lined flannel makes the ideal lightweight yet cozy layer piece, perfect for the upcoming chilly days. Whether you want to go for a stylish, chic appearance or a relaxed, casual approach, these soft to the touch jackets look wonderful for every style and taste. Flannel jackets can be found and styled in a variety of ways. Some jackets come incorporated with hoodies to add flair and give more warmth. These jackets go great with any pants and are fantastic with earth-toned or black winter boots. Affordable brands like Hollister, Pacsun, Aeropostale, and H&M have great wool-lined flannel jackets that only go around $25-$150. For a clean fashionable choice this winter, wool-lined flannels are perfect.

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