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Layla McMurtrie ’19
Section Editor
Posted on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Almost everyone has certain genres of music they enjoying listening to the most. Each month, there may be new music released by your favorite artists or old songs from years ago that you completely forgot about until now. Here are some of The Lancer’s favorite jams this month.

“bad guy” by Billie Eilish
At just 17 years old, rapidly growing superstar Billie Eilish took the world by storm with her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? released March 29th. This song is the 2nd track on the LP and was released alongside a just as unique music video. The sound resonates tons of bass, making you want to dance around nonstop. The lyrics and dark demeanor make the track one of the most fun songs of the year. If you haven’t began listening to Eilish yet, now is the time, and this is the song to start with.

“Peach” by Kevin Abstract
This song is definitely one you need this April, and is on Abstract’s new album ARIZONA baby, fully released on April 25th. The song includes a hook sung by Dominic Fike, another young up and coming artist, as well as vocals from Brockhampton members Joba and Bearface. “It’s all peaches and cream,” sings Joba. “If you left your love I’ll be right,” adds Bearface. The two agree that if their partner offers them enough love, their relationship will be sweet and succeed. The song is perfect for getting into a great mood while driving around with your friends or your lover this summer.

“Intro” by Khalid
Earlier this month, Khalid, another young rising star, released a new album titled Free Spirit, which reached #1 on the iTunes charts. This song is the first track on the album, as you can probably tell by the title. Khalid felt that this track had a cinematic feel and people needed to hear it first. In the song, he talks about confusion in a relationship with someone. He feels as if he gives his all and the other person just sort of brushes him off like they don’t care. In many relationships, there is always someone who seems to care more than the other. No matter which side you have been on, or especially if you’ve been in both positions, this is a song the majority can relate to.

“Note” by Nat & Alex Wolff
These brothers have come a long way since their Nickelodeon television show, The Naked Brothers Band. Their sound has tremendously evolved to a chill indie folk vibe that makes you want to sway back in forth in your lovers arms. “What if I write a note?…Would you even cry?” He reminisces about old events that happened in a relationship and tries to decide if his partner ever really cared about him. “I know I’ve called too many times. I know that all I do is whine, but could you try to love me?” he sings, then later repeats. While listening, you can hear the hurt in his voice, like he’s the one truly in pain. If you are ever feeling sad, or are simply curious about how these brothers are sounding these days, this song is a necessity for your playlist.  

“ilomilo” by Billie Eilish
This song from Eilish’s new album is a soft, emotional work of art. The title references a 2010 puzzle game where the players must bring “Ilo” and “Milo” together, which stands as a metaphor for two people playing games in a relationship. Eilish also uses lyrics to discuss losing people that were close to her, such as rapper XXXTENTACION. “I can’t lose another life,” she sings, as well as “The friends I’ve had to bury, they keep me up at night.” If you are looking to find new music, this song is much needed for everyone to hear at least once.

“Talk” by Khalid
Yet another hit on the young singer’s new album is entitled, “Talk.” This song is Khalid’s first partnership with popularly known production duo Disclosure, who added just the right amount of flare. “Can we just talk? Talk about where we’re goin’, before we get lost, lend me your thoughts, can’t get what we want without knowin’,” he sings. The lyrics refer to a relationship where there is need for more communication, so the couple can understand each other better. Otherwise, the pair most likely won’t work out and may have to end things soon. Whether you are a fan of Khalid or not, it’s worth it to give this song a try on your playlist this month.

“Glass” by IshDARR
If you are in the mood for a unique rap song, this single from the compliation Kitsuné America 5: The NBA Edition is highly recommended. The French record and fashion label Kitsuné, partnered with the NBA to release their 5th “America” compilation, featuring up-and-coming North American artists and producers. Luckily, IshDARR was one of those musicians. One of the most popular parts of the song is the hook’s lyrics. “Glass mind everyday, what it is, what it ain’t, do you really wanna talk about it? Cause I don’t really wanna talk about it,” he sings. He seems to be discussing inner confusion and mixed emotions. Sometimes you can be at war with your own mind, and this is what it sounds like is happening for him. Even though talking to someone about his feelings would probably benefit him, he would rather keep to himself. This song is great to help you to dig deeper into your emotions and begin to sort them out.

“Your Side of the Bed” by Loote
In this song, the pop duo talks about thinking about an old lover while being with a new one. While it can be considered a sad breakup song, it is also about moving on, and the feelings you may still have after leaving someone, whether they are good or bad. This song is about old memories and empowerment, which sets the perfect mood going into the summer. Whether you’re into pop music or not, this song is a must-have for your April playlist.

“Fragile feat. Kendrick Lamar, ¡MAYDAY!, and Kendall Morgan” by Tech N9ne
If you are someone whose music taste varies from rap to soul to alternative, this is the perfect song for you. The tune features vocals from rappers Kendrick Lamar and Tech N9ne as well as verses by hip hop group ¡MAYDAY!, meshing with a chorus from the soothing sound of indie soul-pop singer Kendall Morgan. The artists all discuss how bad it feels being celebrities in the industry who are easily criticised and held on high pedestals. However, no matter how hard they are pushed to be someone they’re not, these artists “don’t ever want to change.” This song is a must-have for anyone who feels as if they aren’t good enough for those around them; as being yourself is all that really matters.

All of these songs have their own uniqueness to them, whether they are from today’s current #1 artist, or someone with a smaller following. The Lancer hopes that you enjoy these hand picked recommendations for this month.

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