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March Lancer playlist

Layla McMurtrie
Section Editor
Posted on Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

During this month, there are tons of new songs coming out or set to be released in later weeks. However, there are still many old tunes to jam out to as well. From classic rock to radio pop, The Lancer has the songs for your March playlist.

“Sucker” by The Jonas Brothers
This song is every Jonas Brothers fan’s dream come true: their favorite childhood band reuniting after almost 10 years to create a new masterpiece of a song and a music video. “Sucker” is the band of siblings first single since they broke up in 2011. The song’s groovy sound is an almost perfect mix of Joe’s band DNCE and Nick’s solo music. The music video entails Nick, Joe, and Kevin with their partners, who the song refers to as well. It is seemingly the first of many new Jonas Brother songs; therefore, it is a must for everyone to listen to this month.

“Footsteps (feat. Musiq Soulchild)” by Kehlani
From her newly released mixtape titled While We Wait, Kehlani brings this soulful storytelling track. “I left footsteps in the mud so you could follow me. You’re so bad at holding water, slips right through your fingers, we’d both end up drowning, it would hit the ground, and then the path would wash away,” Kehlani sings smoothly. She uses these lines to talk about arguing with a significant other. While she leaves the fight hoping that the other person will follow her and keep fighting, they struggle to stay calm and their good memories slowly disintegrate with every argument. If you have ever been in a rocky relationship, you know the hard feeling of not knowing whether to hang on or let go. Besides the lyrics, both of the artists voices are soft and beautiful, and this tune should be a top choice on anyone’s March Playlist.

“Sun Tan” by Wallows
In this fun indie-rock song, sung by yet another boyband, they talk about a struggling relationship where the partner makes them feel like they aren’t doing enough to care for them. “Okay, I’ll take a little time to care about what you do,” the vocalist sings. Many of the songs’ lines are sung sarcastically, like they are repeating things their partner has said to them. The band goes on to discuss that no matter how hard they try to fix the relationship, it’s still seems as if it is never enough for their partner.

“Crush Culture” by Conan Gray
If you are always looking around seeing tons of couples who make you feel like you will be forever alone, you can surely relate to this song. Gray discusses “crush culture” as in all of the hype around love–from having tons of people wanting to be with you to wishing just one person would text your phone. He wrote it using tons of sarcasm as well. It was written for people who feel disgusted when they see so much love around them; but in reality they just want more of it for themselves. The clever lyrics, along with the pop sound and Gray’s beautiful voice, make this song an essential for anyone’s March playlist.

“it’s not you it’s me” by Bea Miller & 6LACK
Even though many people wish for love, it can be better to just be on your own. In this song, the artists talk about being in a relationship where they gave the other person too much of themselves and realized that it wasn’t what they truly wanted. “It’s not you it’s me, I’m the only one I need, It’s not you baby, ‘cause I’m leaving you for me,” Miller sings. Apart from the important message of self love this song displays, the sound is super fun too, and definitely gives the perfect vibes for this month.

“Killer Queen” by Queen
Without this song from their 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack, Queen might not have ever been the big band they became, and still are to this day. The melody of this song, like the majority of their songs, makes you want to get up to sing and dance all around. No matter how old you are and what type of genre of music you normally listen to, Queen is a band that everyone needs to listen to every month.

“Sunflower” by Rex Orange County
In this fast moving love song, the singer talks about being nearly obsessed with a girl he is with, no matter how much time passes. He uses the metaphor of a “sunflower,” to symbolize beauty, purity, and fragility. “Sunflower still grows at night,” he sings, discussing that his lover continues to grow, even when he isn’t around. This is something that everyone should be aware of and allow while in a relationship. If you haven’t listened to Rex Orange County and his unique music style, it should be on your to-do list for the month of March.

“Train” by Brick + Mortar
Here’s another fun love song talking about wanting to leave and be alone with the person you love. “I wanna take the train with you, I wanna runaway with you, come on, runaway with me,” the vocalist sings. He sings to someone whom he wants to be alone with, away from the rest of the world. If you have ever been so overly in love with someone to the point where they are the only face you ever want to see, you can relate to this song for sure. The lyrics, along with the smooth melody, makes this song great for anyone’s playlist.

“The Blues” by Don Broco
From their 2018 album Technology, Don Broco brings a hype, but emotional song to the ears of their listeners. In this song, rather than talking about a romantic relationship, the alternative rock band talks about a friendship with someone who is in a depressed mental state. “I don’t wanna be a fake friend, but I’ve been told you’re hurting quite a bit and I don’t wanna see you cave in,” he sings. Although they want to help their friend, it is still hard for them to decide what to do in the situation. Being close to someone who is often hurting can be extremely difficult and can cause you sadness and frustration as well. Don Broco’s music is a necessity to help you get through your own rough times this month.

Even if you aren’t familiar with any of these artists, their lyrics are ones that almost anyone can relate to. The melodies of all of these songs, along with the artists voices, give a perfect mix of vibes–ideal for a March playlist.

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