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Layla McMurtrie ’19
Section Editor
Posted Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

During the month of February many people are happily living their life on their own, while others are indulged in their romantic relationships (or even wishing for one). If you feel like you have no luck with love this month, these songs in particular can help you to realize that relationships aren’t always so great–and you can have even more fun without one.  

“Against Me” by H.E.R.
In this soothing R&B song, H.E.R talks about an experience in a toxic relationship where she may have been able to prevent what happened, but didn’t. “I should have listened to my intuition, I put myself in this position, it’s all my fault,” she sings. However, she doesn’t want anyone to hold leaving the relationship against her. This song emphasizes how anyone who has been brave enough to let go of someone toxic should not put any blame on themselves. If you are a fan of hip hop music and are looking for new relatable tunes, this is an essential song for your playlist.

“Miserable America” by Kevin Abstract
This empowering song from the BROCKHAMPTON vocalist’s 2016 album, American Boyfriend, is about the hardships and anxieties that queer people of color are faced with. In the song, while singing “Miserable America, assassinate my character,” Abstract elaborates on how society and the people around him have destroyed his personality. He also discusses that even though the LGBTQ+ community is becoming increasingly more accepted as a whole, there are still many struggles for him personally. This is emphasized by a line in the song that tells a story about his boyfriend’s parents being accepting of gay people, but not Blacks. Whether you can relate to this song on a personal level or not, Abstract’s music is something that everyone should give a chance.

“In Between (feat BANKS)” by 6LACK
These two amazing artists talk about being stuck “in between” leaving a relationship and staying. Although the relationship comes with many problems and both parties know that ending it is the best option, it’s still a hard thing for them to actually do. One line in particular in the song is one that portrays the common mind games that are played in a relationship that no one should have to deal with. “Asked me for space, I told you no; You said to leave, I said ‘Fine I’ll just go;’ You told me wait, why would you leave? You used to fight for me, and I just wanted all your attention,” sings BANKS. If you are on the fence about staying with someone, you most likely shouldn’t. If you have been through an experience similar to the one portrayed in this song, listening to relatable music can help you through your healing process tremendously. The melody and beats in this song along with both of these artists amazing voices make it a much-needed tune for this month’s playlist.

“bloodline” by Ariana Grande
In this fun pop tune from Grande’s newly released album Thank U, Next, she talks about wanting to simply have a good time with someone–without furthering their relationship. “Love me, thank you, leave me, put it down, then it’s time to go,” Grande sings during the pre-chorus. She doesn’t want to find love or be committed to anyone, she simply wants to have fun and be satisfied. While some people believe this mindset is “slutty,” especially for women, it’s perfectly okay for two people to have fun with no strings attached–as long as they are both on the same page. It sends the message that you don’t need a relationship to have fun, which is what many people need to hear during the Valentine’s Day season.

“Lie to Me” by 5 Seconds of Summer
In the third track from this pop-punk boyband’s album Youngblood, group members Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood team up on vocals while reminiscing about an old lover. Even though they have tried to move on, it doesn’t feel the same without her and they know she is with someone else now. However, if they do end up talking to this girl again, they want her to pretend as if nothing ever changed. “I know that you don’t, but if I ask you if you love me, I hope you lie to me,” they sing. Sometimes it’s hard to be at peace with your relationship with someone when they don’t want the same as you do. If you have ever had these seemingly unfair feelings with someone, you will be able to enjoy this band’s soothing words.

“Acid Rain” by Thomston
This metaphorical masterpiece shows that what you first think about someone they may not be who they truly are. “When you fell from the sky…I thought that you were holy water, but you were just acid rain,” Thomston sings. He uses this metaphor to reveal that when a certain person first came into his life, he thought they were an angel, but after being in a relationship with them for a while there was way more damage done than good. The tone of Thomston’s voice is like a lullaby and the background guitar sound is almost just as beautiful. Even if “Acid Rain,” isn’t a typical tune of choice for your daily listening, it is an essential song for people of any age group.

“Dazed & Confused” by Ruel
Since the day Ruel met this potential love interest, he has wondered what made him feel so different about them. “Either I’ve seen the light or I’m losing my mind; There’s something ’bout you, that’s got me dazed and confused,” sings Ruel. At times, it can be hard to know how you really feel about someone, especially if they are sending mixed signals themselves. For Ruel, this lover is like a drug, and gets in his head, making it hard for him to distinguish reality from fantasy. Whether you have been in this position or not, if you are i a fan of fun pop music, Ruel’s music is at the top of the list of artists you should check out.  

“High Heels” by Jojo
If you have ever been treated badly by a significant other, this song tells you that you can–and should–still go out, look good, and be confident without them. “I put my high heels on, walk right out the door, best believe, I’mma leave, don’t need you no more; Put my black dress on, boy, you’ve done me wrong, leave the keys, burn the sheets and then move along,” she belts. Jojo empowers any listener to move on from their ex and be happy with themselves. The message of this song is a much needed one, especially during the so called “month of love.”

“Grave Digger” by Matt Maeson
From Maeson’s 2017 EP titled Who Killed Matt Maeson, this personal alternative pop track discusses his relationship with his parents and religion. Maeson sings about how although he loves his parents and they love him, he doesn’t feel comfortable talking to them. His parents are both very religious and their “sweet sinless sensation,” isn’t something that Maeson agrees with. He wonders how much he will suffer if he breaks away from his parents’ beliefs while singing, “But tell me if I run away, how long will I bleed?” He feels that if he decides to stick up for himself and take a separate religious path than his parents, he will basically be “digging his own grave,” because he will be dead to them. While some people have a great relationship with their parents, many people cannot say the same. Romantic relationships aren’t the only type of love that people yearn for and this song shows that even relationships with family can turn sour.

Whether you are struggling with relationships or happily in love, there are plenty of songs that can relate to this month’s overall theme. Music is like therapy, and can change your mood within just a few minutes. The Lancer hopes that these songs can help you get through any challenges you may be facing this month.

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