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South Lake’s Varsity boys basketball team takes on a new season

Despite losing key players, the Varsity Boys Basketball team is ready and determined to improve throughout their 2018-2019 season

Wesley Girven ’21
Staff Writer
Posted on Wednesday, December 11th, 2018

South Lake has always had a reputation for success with their basketball program. From making it to districts almost every year, to making it farther than that on other occasions, the basketball at South Lake is known for excellence. With losing many seniors last year, coming into the season the team is left with new challenges to face.

When comparing the two seasons, realizing what the team did right and wrong is fundamental towards fixing the mistake in order to make the team better than they were in previous years.

“We have the potential to be better. We lack unity and teamwork,” says Kurt Wilson, Coach of the Varsity team and the Athletic Director of South Lake. “Our seniors need to able to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the team,” Wilson adds.

But, Varsity Basketball player senior Joseph Tringali thinks otherwise. He feels that despite the loss of some key players, the team has improved immensely. “We may have lost a few key pieces from last year, but I do think we are better. We just have to pick up our intensity,” says Tringali.

At the beginning of every season, there is nothing but time for the team to work on improving skills from prior seasons and build up an even stronger knowledge of the game. “I feel like we have improved. Things we used to be bad at, we have improved on so far,” says Varsity player senior Codee Harris.

Tringali also feels that the team has improved greatly in their ability to work together and make smarter plays. “We have become much smarter since we started,” says Tringali.

Basketball requires communication, effort, unity, and teamwork; all things that can be extended into the real world and built off of. With the stellar season last year, both coaches and players can agree on one thing: there is definitely potential for the coming season.

“At South Lake, we have some of the best student athletes in the county. If we can become mentally tough enough, all of our sports teams will excel,” says coach Wilson.

Harris feels that if more effort was exuded by the team then there would be more improvement. “I feel like as a team we can become better if we just put in the effort,” says Harris.

Although there are some mixed feelings on where the season is heading, like the old time saying of “A book can’t be judged by its cover,” a season can’t be judged by its beginning. While losing some key players is a blow to the team, there is always the time and room to build South Lake’s new star players.

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