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Sex is serious

While it’s the individual’s choice, students should take sex seriously

Posted on Thursday, June 14th, 2018

The Lancer understands that everybody has different beliefs about intimacy, and is not here to judge anyone on theirs.
If someone wants to wait until marriage before they engage in intercourse, that is perfectly fine. On the other hand, should a consenting adult prefer to not be locked down to one partner and explore things with multiple people, that, too, is okay.

However, it is a somewhat different story for those who are still in high school. At such a young age, it can be difficult for students to know what it is that they truly want. Do they want feelings of security, just a casual hookup, or is it reScan 14ally love?Choosing to participate in intercourse at this vulnerable, hormonal stage in life can affect students physically, socially, and emotionally. It can not only influence how they view their current relationship, but it can influence how they may approach future relationships as well.

It is for this reason that The Lancer urges all young people to make sure that they are emotionally ready before they act, and that they understand the seriousness of it.

Do not do something just because it is what your friends are doing. Do not do something because someone is pressuring you to. Do not act because you feel like it’s the only way to feel secure in
your relationship.

Only you can know when you are ready—not your best friend, not your significant other, and not the lighthearted quiz that you took online.

Nowadays sex is taken incredibly lightly, when in reality it is one of the most serious, intimate acts that people can take part in. The Lancer urges those that do choose to participate in it to take it with care, and to weigh the possible consequences.

There are many dangers that can come with having sexlike STDs and unplanned pregnancies. The Lancer feels that those who do choose to participate should do all that they can to protect against these things, and to make sure that they are being safe.

Again, The Lancer has no judgement for the decisions that people make regarding their personal life. The Lancer simply believes that when people are still so young that they should seriously consider what they are doing before they do it.

Illustration by Calla Milberg

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