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Dupuis’ discussion; Why am I so lonely?

Mary Dupuis ’19
Section Editor
Posted on Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Everyone seems to just love love these days, and rightfully so. However, I can’t seem to escape the loneliness created by seeing the love that I don’t have.

Walking down the hallways at school I’m surrounded by couples kissing and hugging, on the street I see couples holding hands, and in the grocery store there are couples in their pajamas picking out snacks and movies: love is everywhere.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I absolutely adore seeing happy couples and dreaming of it being me and my significant other one day, but why do I dream of that? Maybe it is just because of my own desire to find someone that will love me and be my person, or maybe it is because that’s all that I see everywhere I turn.

Regardless of why I feel this way, social media does not help me deal with this predicament at all.

I cannot scroll through Instagram without seeing pictures of happy couples and seeing “Goals!” and “Oh my gosh, I can’t wait for this to be me,” rapidly filling the comment section. Yes, it’s cute, but seven of these posts in a row is a little sickening.

Then we move on to Twitter, and there are the most wonderful screenshots of text messages between lovers and pictures of boyfriends surprising their girlfriends with candy and gifts and fuzzy socks and movies, and they are captioned with, “I swear no one will ever do this for me,” or “Get you a man like this.” So, is everyone on Twitter just as lonely as me?

In general, the content shared on social media makes it seem as if you cannot be happy if you don’t have the perfect relationship or a re-
lationship at all. Everyone just basks in the loneliness of it all with one another and won’t stop talking about it, even though it makes them sad.

Social media and society as well shove the idea down your throat that you need someone to love you for you to be happy. So, usually, its gotten to the point where you are either really lonely or just push away the idea of being in love, because you’re sick of it being blasted in your face all the time.

But, in light of the desperate want for a relationship, are relationships really worth it?

I constantly hear about people rushing into new relationships right after they just got out of one simply because they are lonely. They do not miss the person they were with, but they miss the feeling. This is awful to the new person that you are involving, and simply not worth your time to begin with. Why force something that isn’t there for a feeling of “love” that will fade away?

Also, the reality is that those perfect relationships broadcast on social media are just not realistic. Huge teddy bears and an abundance of chocolates and shoes with pictures of you on them are not typical in relationships, no matter how much we may want them to be. Once in a blue moon, you may find that picture perfect Instagram relationship. But just because you don’t have that, it doesn’t mean your relationship isn’t perfect for you.

I’m not waiting for the perfect boy, and Prince Charming does not have to come my way… because he doesn’t exist. No one is perfect, but I also won’t settle for just anyone because I feel lonely. I absolutely won’t rush a relationship either. Waiting for love is tireless, and social media users relish that, but I believe that one day it will be worth it.

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