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Better off left behind

A look at what students want to leave in 2017

Layla McMurtrie ’19
Staff Writer
Posted on Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

As the calendar changes to January and the skies get dark and dreary, many people begin to think about how they can move past the negative and make the upcoming year better than the last.

Some people may have had a great year, and others have had horrible one. Nonetheless, all are anticipating that the new year will be a fresh start.

Many students want to let go of bad relationships going into the new year. Whether those relationships are romantic or simply friendships many students want to cut the negative vibes out of their lives in the new year.

“I just want to leave behind all of the drama,” says sophomore Evan Taber.

Senior Sophia Jannaro agrees, saying, “I want to make sure that I don’t gossip about anyone.”

One thing that many students strive to leave behind in the passing year is frequently arguing with people and freshman Isaiah Reichlin has a practical way of doing that.

“I want to have less friends because when you have more friends, there’s more beef,” Reichlin says.

While friends may cause some tension, they can also help make your year a happier and more positive one. “My friends made myyear great,” says junior Tyonna Green. “I want to keep my circle of friends the same, as well as my good grades,” says Green.

Unlike Green, while also keeping his current friends, Taber believes broadening his circle of friends would make the new year a lot better for him.

“I would love to make new friends during the new year,” says Taber.

Many students feel that having close friends will make their year a lot better and give them more happy memories.

Besides things in their personal lives, people are split on whether or not certain trends should be maintained. Students agreed that
some of the trends this year were great, while some of them need to be left in 2017.

“I loved the highlight makeup trend, but I definitely did not like the squiggle brows trend that I saw all over Instagram,” says senior Kendra LeSure. She believes that some of these makeup trends look gross and definitely should be left behind.

There are many fashion and clothing trends that have become popular. Some are new, while some from an older time period, such as the  1980’s, are gaining popularity once again. Jannaro really likes some of these trend suchas: checkered vans, turtlenecks, and chokers.

“I like them because they are very cute and delicate and I feel like it explains my style a lot. I want these things to stay around and still be popular so that when I get them people don’t think I’m weird,” says Jannaro.

Nowadays, trends get popular from the internet and social media, and people either love them or hate them. Ever since “the dress”
in 2015, these trends dominate social media for a great period of time. #WaterIsWet is this year’s example.

“I want to leave behind the #WaterIsWet trend,” says Jannaro. “It is just a stupid question and people need to accept the fact that
it is dumb.”

However, some people enjoy the internet trends. “I like funny memes because they make me laugh and are very creative and expressive,” says LeSure.

Whether from a social or a social media aspect, a new year is an opportunity to better things for yourself and others. Even if your year was great, there are always ways to improve in the new year.

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