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Why sexual harassment is unacceptable

Posted on Monday, January 8th, 2018

Consent is not always given, and no always means no. The Lancer is looking into the recent blast of sexual harassment accusations and believes that it is an incredibly disgusting issue that needs to be stopped. In other words, lock ‘em up.

Sexual harassment is not a new issue in society. It can even be said that it has become interwoven into the fabric of American culture. For some odd reason, people seem to believe that it is “okay” to abuse others so long as their victim keeps quiet, and allows them to take advantage of them all they want.

Well, the time to keep quiet is over.

After hiding for so long, people are finally becoming more comfortable with sharing their sexual harassment horror stories in order to inspire others to speak out and reclaim their minds and bodies. This issue has consistently been brushed under the rug, and The Lancer is a firm believer that it needs to be swept out and into the daylight for everyone to see.

Sexual harassment is a very serious issue; it may have happened to the person walking next to you on the street, it may have happened to someone you love, and it may have happened to you.

But, the time for being afraid of retaliation or what people will think when you reveal the truth is over. Millions are speaking out all over social media with the #metoo campaign and sharing their stories in order to put an end to the silence.

Congressmen, managers, doctors, directors, and more are being accused of some form of sexual misconduct, by four, five, six, or more victims at a time.
Unwilling to face the public and be punished for what they have done, resignations are seeming to appear left and right.

Still, no matter what gender the person is, no matter how much power they have, and no matter how they have tried to keep it a secret, sexual predators are criminals and they must be stopped. The Lancer feels that it doesn’t matter who you are, or if it “was a mistake in the past,” or “It’ll never happen again.” There are no excuses, and sexual harassment is absolutely not unintentional.

The Lancer also believes that it is very important to realize that a sexual predator can be a man or a woman, and victims of sexual harassment are not only women. It can truly happen to anyone, and it is an issue that affects all people.

Some believe that it only happens in the workplace, in Hollywood, or in the government. However, it takes place just about everywhere. This problem is prominent all over America and the world as well.

Why people feel that it is alright to take advantage of others and threaten them by putting their job, dreams, or lives at stake we may never know. However, it is incredibly important that we put an end to it.

Nobody should feel that accepting harassment is the only way that their dream job or goals can be achieved. There will always be another way to get farther in the world.

The Lancer encourages people who are victims of this disgusting behavior to do whatever they can to get away from it. Take whatever measures you need to protect yourself and your body, because you are way more important than a job title or someone else’s pleasure.

If you cannot get away from it, tell someone. Make an effort to speak out and tell everyone that you can in order to make it known that this person is a predator, and their actions need to be stopped.

To the people that witness sexual harassment, it is your duty just as it is the victim’s to report it and seek help.

The Lancer encourages you to speak out and take a stand against this ugly behavior, and take every step necessary to stop it once and for all.

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