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Digital Photography class teaches alternative arts skills


Above; Using Photoshop, Art Teacher Erica Marotzke and senior Lilly Johnson figure out the best way to place the text on Johnson’s project.

Elijah Newton ’17
Staff Writer
Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Art can come in many different forms, some that students taking a typical art class don’t get the chance to explore. Digital Photography gives students the unique opportunity to create in one of these alternative mediums.

The class focuses on advanced photography and Photoshop techniques that will be useful for students looking to pursue a career in graphic arts.

“I show the kids how to take better pictures so that they have better quality and then I show them Photoshop to take them to the next level,” says Art Teacher Erika Marotzke.

Students also get a feel for web design, as Marotzke requires each student to have a digital portfolio.

Students also get a feel for web design, as Marotzke requires each student to have a digital portfolio.

Senior Terell Battle recommends the class because of the real world experiences that one can gain from it taking it. “It’s definitely a good place to start if you wanna go into design,” says Battle. Battle decided that he wants to go into a design career because of the class.

Digital Photography can also be an outlet for students to express their creativity, something that senior Matthew Milstein certainly finds to be true. “The class gives me the opportunity to express my creativity and explore different concepts that come to my mind,” says Millstein.

Battle, who enjoys seeing his creations come to life, feels the same. “It’s fun to create stuff, to take something in your head and make it happen,” says Battle.

Digital Photography is not your typical art class, and allows students to explore an art form that they might never have tried before.

“I enjoy that I get to do something that I never thought I would,” says senior Olivia Boileau.

Not only is the variety exciting for the students, but Marotzke says that she enjoys teaching this unique class as well. “I love teaching the class because it’s different to my regular routine,” says Marotzke. “I always try to push students to try something out of their comfort zone,” Marotzke adds.

When teaching this class, Marotzke hopes that her students learn more than just how to take pictures. “The goal of this class is to have students embrace their creative side and escape their comfort zone for a while, and think it does that good,” says Marotzke.

Multiple students have also shared the many other things that they have taken from this class. “It’s how different this class is that made me want to be a graphic designer,” says Battle.

Boileau says that she has come out of this class with more than just new photography skills. “I have a new appreciation for what photographers do, and I really took away the work that goes into one project,” says Boileau.

Millstein sympathies with Boileau saying that he has a new understanding of how much time and effort goes into creating  artwork. “You will leave this class with a good work ethic, and the ability to throw yourself into a project and really embrace your creative side,” says Millstein.

Even with the hard work that students put into their projects, Marotzke still hopes that the students are having fun while working towards their goals.

“I try to keep the class fun by teaching students a skill then giving them a end result and seeing how they go about achieving the goal,” says Marotzke.

All of Marotzkes student’s work can be found on her website

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