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Catching up with Khadajah Williams after what she calls her best season yet 

Mary Dupuis ’19
Staff Writer

Posted on Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

It’s two minutes into the Girls Varsity Basketball Team’s game against Lincoln, the Cavs are up eight points and all of which have been scored by senior Khadajah Williams. This was a common scenario this season, as Williams soon rose to become Macomb Daily’s Athlete of the Week and eventually Most Valuable Player of the MAC Silver League.

On the court, Williams is forceful yet graceful. It’s almost like a dance the way she moves and weaves so quickly through the lines of opposing players. And that because she knows that she owns the court, she owns the ball, she owns the game. This is Kday’s Court.

Williams is known schoolwide and on the basketball court by her nickname “Kday.”

“When I was a freshman our coach at the time couldn’t yell ‘Khadajah’ fast enough when she was calling out plays. So one game she was yelling at me and ‘Kday’ just came out,” says Williams. “But over the past four years that just became my name,” Williams adds. “I tell myself that everyday is my day, because I’m Kday.”

Williams says that basketball has taught her many life lessons, one of them being how to be confident without being cocky. “I take over when I do something, I commit because everyday is my day,” says Williams. “My ego is huge and everyone at South Lake knows that, but basketball taught me how to not be cocky but still be confident,” Williams added.

Williams says that basketball also taught her how not to back down in the face of defeat, especially after this current season. “When we lost to Madison at the start of the season, we were at the bottom of our league. Everyone counted South Lake out, they said we weren’t anything to worry about,” says Williams. “We literally had to fight our way back and win every game in order to get back to the top,” Williams added.  

“We currently play in the MAC Silver division and it feels great to be at the top of our league,” says Williams. Williams says that her best game of the season was against Clintondale, where she scored 32 points and made 14 rebounds.

More recently, the Girls Varsity Basketball Team won their final game against Clawson, resulting in the team being tied for the league title with Madison High School.

“We play our butts off every game. We can take any blow and still pick up the slack,” Williams says. “But no matter what we never yell at each other we don’t get mad we encourage each other,” added Williams.

To Williams, her team is not just a group of girls on a court; they are her family. “For me team equals family. This year has definitely been different from previous years because we look out for each other,” says Williams.

“We have a group message, we talk to each other and not just about basketball but about everything,” says Williams. “I’m not gonna lie and say we’re all best friends because we’re not, but no matter what we’re all family. We look out for each other on and off the court,” added Williams.

During previous seasons, Williams said that a few girls on the team would be close but the rest of the girls didn’t have a strong bond; however this year is very different. “I think practicing Monday through Sunday has helped bring us closer. We all look out for each other. During the season we are family,” says Williams.

Williams says that the team’s new coach, Wilbur Jones, also contributed to the success of the season.

Williams says that the girls respect their coach and never want to let him down. “I don’t want to disappoint my coach ever. He’s always there for us, buying us food and giving advice. You can tell he’s not just here for the money or the gig he really wants to build a program,” says Williams.

On a more personal level, basketball has affected Williams in several ways. “I’ve learned more from basketball than any academic class I’ve ever had,” Williams says. “I’ve learned confidence yet modesty, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship. I’ve learned that if you play hard and are committed then you deserve respect and I will respect anyone who puts it all out there,” Williams added.

Williams had a bittersweet finish to her high school basketball career and was sad to see it end. “Basketball is my life. I get emotional thinking that my high school career in ball is almost over. But I look back at all the memories I have and never regret a second. I think of it as four years of family. I’ve grown up with basketball,” says Williams.

When looking towards the future Williams says she will always hold on to one saying that everyone on her team is familiar with; “respect all, fear none.”

All photos by Robert Swetlic.

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