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Girls Varsity Swim Team wraps season

Cornisha Kendrick ’15

Staff Writer

What Happened
The Varsity Girls Swim Team has worked hard all season and made improvements since last year. “Our team improved greatly over our season last year,” says Coach Amy Way. The girls are now 3-2 in their division. “Last season was a rebuilding year and we did not win a single meet,” Way adds. This year however, the girls went 5-5 for the season.

The Good
One of the team’s biggest accomplishments according to Way was beating two teams in the divisions above them. The girls also came in second at the MAC Silver Division leagues, which was considered a huge win for the girls.

The Bad
Because of the team’s small size, it was a struggle to face off against opposing teams with more swimmers. With ten girls total, the team found it difficult to place swimmers in every event and gain points against teams twice their size. Way says another complication was keeping swimmers on track and trying their hardest at practices.

From the Captain
“Overall we had a fun season and we’ve improved a lot since last year,” said Captain Faith Flemming ‘15. Flemming feels despite the team’s size they still did well when it came to winning medals for individual events.

Up Next
For next season, Way’s goal is to make sure everyone is working hard at practice. As for the rest of the team, they plan to step up recruitment and get more girls in the pool.

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