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District Outsources Custodial Services

Cody Kellehan ’14
Staff Reporter

As a way to help balance the district budget and keep certain classes and programs, the School Board decided to hire the private custodial group, Commercial Sanitation Management, to clean the schools.

“The privatization of a group means that the district is no longer responsible to pay benefits, such as health care,” Superintendent Pamela Balint said. “We have saved a significant amount of taxpayer dollars and have been able to maintain our high quality programs including AP classes.”

Director of Business and Operations Matthew Dishman said that although they went to a privatized company, some of the old staff went to work for the new company. He agrees with Balint that the cuts were made to keep classes for students and save money for the district. With all of the changes, there are still some things to adapt to.

“The effect is that we have a lot of new people who need to learn the buildings and staff.  We actually have more staff in terms of support in the district.” Dishman said.

In the classrooms, teachers are satisfied with the work CSM is doing, but some feel that it was bad to remove the local workers.

“It’s a shame that we had to get rid of the janitors who were people who lived in the area,” social studies teacher Todd Myers said, “but I think the new janitors are doing a good job, everyday my room is vacuumed and clean.”


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