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High School Band Teacher takes leave

Verbeke says goodbye to band students in the cafeteria. Many students were emotional upon hearing the news.

Above: Verbeke says goodbye to band students in the cafeteria. Many students were emotional upon hearing the news.

Kiera Yaden ’15

Staff Reporter

In light of recent events, our very own Joseph Verbeke, band director, has announced his plans to stop teaching in order to open his own yogurt franchise.

He had been laying these plans for months, but not many knew of Mr. Verbeke’s goal. Now that he has informed students and staff, there were mixed feelings to the departure of the beloved music teacher. While he has not been teaching at the high school for long, many students and staff members had grown fond of the band teacher.

“I was upset about Verbeke leaving,” said Band Student Faith Fleming. “He wasn’t just a teacher he was like a friend.”

Only filing for a leave of absence two weeks before his scheduled leave date, the last day before spring break, leaves a few choice problems for the future of the musical students. On such short notice and so late in the year, it proves difficult to find an appropriate replacement that both knows music and is qualified to take on high school students for more than a few days at a time.

“Mr. Verbeke’s departure was a loss, but I respect his decision.” said Principal Carmen Kennedy.

Students congregated to the cafeteria

on Friday, April 5th, during seventh hour, to say final good byes to Mr. Verbeke. There were laughs and tears while both teacher and students exchanged memories and well whishes. Many students likened the music teacher’s departure to the death of a friend, while others made it clear that they respected his career choice.

“I trust him, and I trust his choices,” said senior Joe Breitner.

In tears, Verbeke accounted for every student, “I hope as time goes on, we can remain acquainted, and have a good friendship further in life.”

Verbeke’s absence is wide felt, but also understood. And its safe to say he will not be forgotten by the students he taught.

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