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Teachers run Free Press Marathon


Sierra Carpenter ’13
News Editor

Race until the end!

Never in a million years would most people think about participating in a full marathon! Often times, people run in marathons to help support a cause. The high school’s own staff participated in a full marathon sponsored by the Detroit Free Press. Math teacher Nicole Peddycord and government teacher Beth Welles both ran the race.

Peddycord is a long time runner. She has been in five half marathons and many other races.

“This is by far the largest [race] even I have ever done, but I have raced about 20-30 times over the last five years,” said Peddycord. She describes her emotions during the week leading up to the race as “excited, but nervous.”                  

Often times, people participate in these types of events to help support a cause. Peddycord is in this just for general health and diet.

“It’s a big rush to be among so many people that have put as much if not more work in to preparing their body for the race as I have.  It is amazing to be a part of so many people, yet the majority of people on this planet can’t even run a few miles, let alone 13.1 or 26.2!” she says.  “I fell apart after about9 milesof the race and really didn’t have much left in me to run the last2.5 miles.” However, she finished and the school was proud of her!

Welles also participated in this event. Leading up to the day of the race, she completed a 14-week training program, and she also made an effort to eat healthier. Welles is no stranger to the competitive scene. Her and her family walks half-marathons, and she describes the time to be “a mini family reunion.” The day of the race, she was excited as well, however very nervous. This seems to be an on-going theme at these events.

“I was extremely nervous, and just wanted to start running.  Once you start, you have no choice but to put one foot in front of the other to finish,” said Welles. “I was excited to cross the finish line and see people cheering for you. Seeing your family and Mrs. Peddycord cheering at the finish line makes you feel special”

After their race was over, both teachers stuck around to see math teacher Marian Guarchech and Spanish teacher Kelsey Truman, who also participated, finish their races.

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