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Owl City shines with new album


 Arriel Johnson
Staff Reporter ’16

Midsummer Station  is the new album from Owl City. I’m sure there are a few who might disagree on whether or not they think the music is good, but even so, there is no doubt that the new album Midsummer Station has an original and easy going melody.

Owl City consists of solo musician, Adam Young. Young has taken the world by storm and  won over the hearts of many with his even voice and soft tone ,making his music easily appealing to most. This indie electro pop music is energized and definitely something to jam to anytime. Young is a very creative artist who is faced with the challenge of writing great songs, putting together music, setting up a wardrobe and on top of all that being original and not repeating himself. He’s a person that believes an artist should never look back or repeat themselves and he himself tries to live by that rule in his music.  

The new album cover of Owl City’s newest album, The Midsummer Station

“Initially, I was anxious about letting other people copilot the solo endeavor I’d always played close to the chest,” Young says in a biography.

“In the end for me, it’s all about trying new things as an artist. Collaborating kills off a lot of ego and pride issues and that’s a really healthy thing,”

Many of Young’s songs or albums have that same tone everyone loves the tone of the owl, soft and subtle. This goes for Young’s new album The Midsummer Station as well as his other songs and album .Though  I liked the cd I’d like to see a little more done with it. Young usually keeps his songs pretty simple but sometimes you want to hear a bit more. Sometimes if you listen to all his songs you can hear that he doesn’t really change his tone of voice. His tracks are great, the beat that really gets you moving like in a club, although on some of them he should really keep it simple, while with other ones he could have done a little more with it and had a bit more fun with the song, but other than that its great.This goes for the music that’s used for the words invigorating and unique it makes you WANT to move you just can’t stay still when listening to it whether it’s bopping your head, swaying from side to side, or just flat out dancing that’s just what the music will do. In a statement, Young talks about his songs and their meanings.

“Life is full of dreams and disasters,” said Young.

“When things go right, you feel like you’re on top of the world and when things go bad, your heartbroken, but you’ve got to figure out how to press on regardless of your situation because life is all about journey,” Young added. I think most, if not all of us, can relate to that as well. Midsummer Station has everything you would expect from Owl City.

Although a solo one man band normally on this album he’s worked with newcomer Carly Rae Jepsen. She is now on the song Good Time with Young making it a great mix of two types of music and personalities blending together to create a perfect  jam. With the vibrant, upbeat personality of Jepson and the soft even notes with the laid back and non-extravagant personality of Young bonded by their mutual admiration and being fans of each other really do make a great pair. There’s also another person Young seems to be a long term fan of. He revealed to CBS that he’s excited to be working with his music hero, Mark Hoppus. Hoppus, who is also featured on the album , is also the bass player and vocalist of Blink-182. Hoppus is on the song Dementia with OWL CITY. Being a big fan of Hoppus since junior high you can picture how excited Young must have been to meet this out there believed to be a wild child bass guitarist legend. This unique trio makes one of the best and unique albums you might hear with all these different personalities together no one would have thought it would have come out this good. even so you could have had a little more bass to it or a bit stronger on the vocals .

Midsummer Station has everything you would expect from Owl City.  It’s no doubt one of the best he’s done. The songs on the album are great with an awesome soundtrack and meaningful lyrics. It’s one of the best he’s done. There’s no doubt when you hear the music it’s a great album and another soon to be hit of OWL CITY. I would definitely give it a buy, its a great album and has some really great songs.

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