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Minimum Enrollment Number Set, Three AP Classes To Not Run

Lisa Ruge ’14
Managing Editor

Due to the lack of enrollment along with other financial complications, the district is not offering three classes including AP Spanish, AP U.S History and AP Calculus next year.

AP classes are elective classes which give students the chance to earn college credits before they’re actually in college courses. This year a minimum of 25 students was set in order to run any class..

“The decision to run a class is partially based on student interest,” principal Carmen Kennedy explains. “If students are not interested, then we are not able to offer the class based on financial reasons,” said Kennedy

“We’re hopeful that the classes not being offered for the 2012-2013 school year will be available for the 2013-2014 school year due to an increase of student interest,” Kennedy added.

According to Director of Curriculum and Assessment John Thero, students have other options.

“We do the same thing with every class. Core classes will always run. We can do online classes, off campus classes, it’s up to the students to choose,” said Thero.

Thero also spoke of dual enrollment, a program where a student may take classes at both their high school and their community college.


“I would hope that students would take advantage of being able to get college credit in high school. We can’t afford to run classes with such small numbers…we can’t have one class of 12 and another of 30 or 40,” added Thero.

“Higher education, like the AP Program is the number one thing South Lake has, that’s why my kids are here,” said parent Kimberly Pawlusiak. “If other parents don’t feel that the school is stable, they’re not going to stay and that really scares me.”

There are five AP classes that will be running next year include; AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, AP Government, AP Literature, and AP Stats.

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