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Trips & Treasures: Spring Break

John Athey ’13
Staff Reporter

Aside from summer vacation, Spring Break is one of the most exciting parts of the year for students. The weather is warming up, and school is out for a week. Some students stay home and hang out with their friends for the week, while others go out of town with friends or family. Some students have spent their week from school far away from the Saint Clair Shores area, and have returned with stories to tell.

“I’m originally from Chicago” says junior Zach New. New spent the majority of his spring break out of state and traveled to Chicago, Illinois with his parents and two little sisters. He routinely returns to the Windy City for visits. “I spent my birthday at my favorite restaurant, that was the best part,” said New who got to spend his seventeenth birthday, not only on spring break, but on his vacation as well. New added that he enjoyed the way he spent his week.

For the break, junior Alex Hillriegel flew himself out to North Dakota. “My dad moved out there, so it was nice to see him” says Hillriegel. For him, one of the best parts was actually the trip home., “I sat next to this really awesome girl and her sister on the plane.”

Some students even spent their break, far away from the nation’s borders. Senior Tiffini Moss, did just that. She, along with her younger brother Phil, and her grandmother, spent some time in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. However, the trip wasn’t all fun and games. “I lost my luggage…we had to call a bunch of places that evening, so I spent a whole day without it,” said Moss. It was a minor bump in the road, though. Moss added that she plans to return to the country, and is enthusiastic about the trip.

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