• Video: Halloween Science Show
    Posted in: Media, Video

    Robert Swetlic ’16 Editor-In-Chief To teach students about chemical reactions, the Science Department put on their annual Halloween Science Show to give students an entertaining way to learn about chemistry. Science Department Head Paul Cusamano stresses to students not to try to simulate these experiments at home but that all of the components used can [...]

  • Boys Varsity Soccer Team improves record
    Posted in: Sports

    Simone Key ’17 Staff Writer What Happened The Boys Varsity Soccer team made improvements this year and came out with eight wins and three losses. “We had a good year for sure, definitely better than last year’s team,” said Theo Pozios ‘17. The season got off to a rough start, with two straight losses, but [...]

  • Follow up coverage: Band takes second place at third competition
    Posted in: Briefs, News

    Christina Daguanno ’17 Staff Writer The marching band continues their winning streak after receiving their best score of the season at their third competition hosted at Troy Athens High School. With a score of 83.65 out of 100 and one out of three captions for visual, the marching band landed in second place and secured [...]

  • Marching band takes first place, sweeps captions
    Posted in: News

    Update: See follow up coverage on the band’s competitions here Christina Daguanno ‘17 Staff Writer Pride and uncensored excitement was shared amongst the marching band when they received the score from their second competition. The marching band scored an 80.4 out of 100 receiving their highest score of the season at a competition in Clarkston. [...]

  • Cupcakes
    Elmwood hosts Trunk or Treat
    Posted in: Briefs, Media, Miscellaneous, News, Photos, Video

    Robert Swetlic ’16 Editor-In-Chief Elmwood hosted it’s annual Trunk or Treat in the school parking lot and saw a record turn out, with a line to get in going up California street. Elementary students went from car to car “Trunk-or-Treating” and after a bake sale and photo-shoot was set up  in the gym for families. [...]

  • C2 Pipeline hosts talent show
    Posted in: Briefs, Media, News, Video

    Robert Swetlic ’16 Editor-In-Chief To give students a break from studying and learning new concepts, the directors of the C2 Pipeline decided to host a talent show for it’s students. “Everyone works very hard,” said Program Director Jeff Jantz. “I think it’s important we take a break and have some fun.” The talent show was [...]

  • Street Law class welcomes guest speakers
    Posted in: Briefs, News

    Robert Swetlic ’16 Editor-In-Chief To get input from real police and law enforcement officers, Street Law Teacher Todd Myers invited two law officials into his class room to talk to students about the law and their rights. Guest Speakers James and Stephanie Shibley are both employed by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and both are [...]

  • AP Chemistry class celebrates Mol Day
    Posted in: Briefs, Media, News, Video

    Robert Swetlic ’16 Editor-In-Chief To celebrate Mole Day, Science Teacher Joe Lambdin and his AP Chemistry class decided to celebrate with cookies and pancakes. “We celebrate Mole Day because it s an important until in chemistry and it’s a nice break from the curriculum for students,” said Lambdin. “The until for Moles is 6.022 x [...]

  • Pinterest receives praise
    Posted in: Arts & Entertainment, Reviews

    Brianna Walker ’15 Staff Writer Pinterest is a unique social network that is quickly making a name for itself in the competitive world of social media. Pinterest is a company that provides an internet service that they describe as a “visual discovery tool.” People use Pinterest to collect ideas for projects and special interests. Pinterest [...]

  • FashionImage
    Fall brings in new fashion trends
    Posted in: Arts & Entertainment, Miscellaneous, Student Life

    Brianna Walker ‘15 Staff Writer Put away those short shorts, tank tops and open toe shoes, because it’s that sweatpants and hoodie weather that students love. When people hear fall they may think of the leaves changing colors, the weather, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! But I think of the fashion. From sweatpants to skinny jeans, [...]

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