• What every grade should know for next year
    Posted in: Detail (Feature)

    Antonia Ruthenberg ‘15 Section Editor Another school year is slowly but surely coming to an end. Now, wouldn’t it be great to have a little insight on what next year is going to look like? Well thats what this guide is here for. Here is what every class should know before this year ends and [...]

  • Insert Clever Column Name Here: Apple Watch
    Posted in: Columns, Views (Opinion)

    Robert Swetlic ‘16 Editor-In-Chief Patience is a virtue that I do not posses. So naturally, when ordering my Apple Watch I expected it to arrive in the mail the next day, despite the fact that this is physically impossible. When I first heard of the Apple Watch in September 2014, I knew I had to [...]

  • Spring sports wrap up
    Posted in: Briefs, Play (Sports)

    As another school year comes to a close, Lancer takes a look at some spring sports and the successes and failures of the team TRACK By Cameron Sanders, Staff Writer This year’s track season taught the team valuable lessons about teamwork and supporting each other. “I would say it was pretty successful and it was [...]

  • Big Shot: May 18th-22nd
    Posted in: Big Shots, Media

    After much deliberation and anticipation, The Lancer staff selected their second annual Person of the Year! The award went to Chef Darrel Shepherd and Marsha Salome. They won this recognition for reopening the Lakefront Bistro and connecting South Lake with the community. Below: Photo of the award given to Shepherd and Salome. Photo by Robert [...]

  • Students question the value of new Thin Client computers
    Posted in: Current (News)

    David Gardner ’16 Staff Writer The new computers and lab have caused many frustrations and annoyances among teachers and students alike. Since the new ThinClient computers have been in- stalled, many people are wondering on why the new ThinClient computers in the Distance Learning Lab (DLL), lab room 119, and lab room 203 replaced our [...]

  • High school hosts Honors Night, senior night
    Posted in: Current (News), Media, Photos, Students

    Robert Swetlic ’16 Editor-In-Chief To recognize student achievement, Honors Night was held on May 11th in the high school auditorium. Later, senior night was held to recognize senior awards and scholarships. Students had the chance to walk across the stage and accept awards for outstanding academic achievement as well as departmental awards. “We want to [...]

  • Big Shot: May 4th-8th
    Posted in: Big Shots, Media

    Tennis team hits off new season with a win In one of their first matches of the season, the Lady Cavs took home a victory against Hamtramck High School. By the end of the match the team was feeling very confident about their performance. They are hoping for continued success as the season goes on. [...]

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