• Big Shot: March 23-27
    Posted in: Big Shots, Media

    After weeks of “grueling” rehearsal, the Drama Club is preparing for their first of two renditions of High School Musical. The shows will take place on March 27th/28th and the curtain opens at 7 p.m. Tickets are $7 for senior citizens, $10 for students and children and $12 for adults. Concessions will be sold before [...]

  • Senior reflects on career opportunity
    Posted in: Views (Opinion)

    A personal narrative that reflects on career experience gained through the Michigan First Student Teller program Gabbie Pruitt ’15 Shield (Yearbook) Editor-In-Chief It’s 9:48 on a Tuesday morning, I left home late walking to school and I’m sitting in my Independent Study removing my nail polish. Why? Because if there is chipping nail polish on [...]

  • Automotive Technology students inspired at Autorama
    Posted in: Current (News), Students

    Antonia Ruthenberg ’15 Section Editor South Lake Automotive Technology students had the opportunity to observe be inspired, and let their imaginations run wild. Just 15 minutes away from the high school, Autorama at Cobo Hall features classic and custom prized cars. Justin Reichert ‘15 enjoys these the types of events as it “excites his mind” [...]

  • Big Shot: March 16-20
    Posted in: Big Shots, Media

    In an effort to boost yearbook sales, the staff of The Shield decided to engage students with a new form of yearbook marketing. Posted all around the school are photos from both the yearbook and the photo storage hard drives. These photos were accompanied with signs that promoted the yearbooks theme “The Original Social Network.” [...]

  • Sexed
    March cover story: Rethinking sex ed
    Posted in: Detail (Feature), Media, Miscellaneous

    Gillian Skiba ’18 Staff Writer The information that students receive in the heath and sex education class is extremely important and relevant to their lives. The question is, are they getting enough information about what actually matters? Students across the country are required to take health class in order to graduate. The curriculum consists of [...]

  • Artist profile: Chasity Homer
    Posted in: Detail (Feature)

    Cameron Sanders ’17 Staff Writer  Many students have something they are passionate about. For Senior Chasity Homer, her passion is art. Homer has made tremendous strides when it comes to her art work. She has even received numerous awards and a scholarship for her work. Art Teacher Erica Marotzke has watched Homer grow from her [...]

  • Faith talks about Feminism
    Posted in: Views (Opinion)

    Faith Riggs ’15 Staff Writer  I most definitely identify as a feminist. And no that does not mean that I love men any less then the next girl. But it simply means that I feel as though I should be able to stand up and fight for the rights that I lack opposed to my [...]

  • Put THIS on your playlist
    Posted in: Downtime (Arts & Entertainment)

    Discover new music Christina Daguanno ‘17 Staff Writer The music in 2015 has already proven itself to be quite a big hit. The radio is filled with the top songs in the country. Most of the tunes were catchy at first, but now your ears are begging you to change the station. If you need [...]

  • Book club helps students connect through literature
    Posted in: Current (News), Students

    Christina Daguanno ‘17 Staff Writer “The purpose of having book club is to celebrate reading and to make connections with other readers in our school,” says Reading Specialist and Book Club Supervisor Stephanie Geiger. Book club was formed in fall of last year when students expressed interest in reading and discussing literature. “The students are [...]

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