• C2 Pipeline hosts talent show
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    Robert Swetlic ’16 Editor-In-Chief To give students a break from studying and learning new concepts, the directors of the C2 Pipeline decided to host a talent show for it’s students. “Everyone works very hard,” said Mr. Jantz. “I think it’s important we take a break and have some fun.” The talent show was open to [...]

  • Street Law class welcomes guest speakers
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    Robert Swetlic ’16 Editor-In-Chief To get input from real police and law enforcement officers, Street Law Teacher Tim Allen invited two law officials into his class room to talk to students about the law and their rights. Class discussion involved what rights minors have and the importance of understanding them. The guests also gave students [...]

  • AP Chemistry class celebrates Mol Day
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    Robert Swetlic ’16 Editor-In-Chief To celebrate Mole Day, Science Teacher Joe Lambdin and his AP Chemistry class decided to celebrate with cookies and pancakes. “We celebrate Mole Day because it s an important until in chemistry and it’s a nice break from the curriculum for students,” said Lambdin. “The until for Moles is 6.022 x [...]

  • Pinterest receives praise
    Posted in: Arts & Entertainment, Reviews

    Brianna Walker ’15 Staff Writer Pinterest is a unique social network that is quickly making a name for itself in the competitive world of social media. Pinterest is a company that provides an internet service that they describe as a “visual discovery tool.” People use Pinterest to collect ideas for projects and special interests. Pinterest [...]

  • Fall brings in new fashion trends
    Posted in: Arts & Entertainment, Student Life

    Brianna Walker ‘15 Staff Writer Put away those short shorts, tank tops and open toe shoes. Because it’s that sweatpants and hoodie weather that my generation seems to love. When people hear fall they think of the leaves changing colors, the weather, and what they should wear. Everyone dresses different in the fall. From sweatpants [...]

  • Movies
    Antonia’s top 4: Most anticipated movies
    Posted in: Arts & Entertainment

    Antonia counts down her most anticipated movies that will be released this winter  Antonia Ruthenberg ’15 Section Editor Mockingjay Part One In The Hunger Games; Mockingjay, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth will reprise their roles as Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne. The first of two installments will continue Katniss’ journey into [...]

  • Lions suffer loss against the Bills
    Posted in: Sports

    Cameron Sanders Staff Writer ‘17 Last week, The Lions suffered a devastating loss to The Buffalo Bills at home making the season record 3-2. The final score was 17-14. In the end The Lions just couldn’t pull it together for the win. The game started positively for The Lions however the loss was due to [...]

  • October 2014 Print Issue
    Posted in: Print Issue

    Read the October issue of The Lancer here! Featuring an all new design and reimagined content. You can subscribe to The Lancer and have each issue mailed to your home or preferred address for the rest of the year. Subscription is $15 for community members and students and $10 for faculty and staff. Subscription forms [...]

  • ConFeatIm
    Posted in: Feature, Miscellaneous, Sports

    Despite decreasing concussion rates at South Lake, the danger still exists  Robert Swetlic ’16 | Editor-In-Chief Nick Marsh ’17 | Staff Writer  On an ordinary Friday night in October 2013, Freshmen Cameron Sanders was playing linebacker with instructions from the coach to cover the fullback when an opposing player lowered his shoulder and slammed into [...]

  • Breaking down the Class of 2018
    Posted in: Feature

    The Lancer takes a look at the first generation from the new millennium Gillian Skiba ’18 Staff Writer As the new school year begins, it brings much excitement, especially for incoming freshmen. And this year the high school welcomes 174 students from the Class of 2018. In order to break down the freshman class statistically, [...]

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