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    The Puzzle Piece That Changed My Life . . .
    Posted in: Miscellaneous, Views (Opinion)

    Alyssa McNamara ’16 Assistant Editor  To a four year old, the word “autism’ means nothing. When my brother was about two years old, he was diagnosed with autism. Little did my innocent four year old self have any idea, but this life was about to be so much different than the average persons’. I didn’t [...]

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    Antonia’s Top 4: Summer Job Hunting
    Posted in: Columns, Miscellaneous, Views (Opinion)

    Antonia Ruthenberg ’15 Section Editor  1. Location, Location, Location A lot of young people will be so desperate for a job that they will go out of their way (distance-wise) to find a job. Don’t do that, because when you finally get the job and have to drive or thumb your way with rides to-and-fro, [...]

  • Varsity Girls Soccer Team plays their first game
    Posted in: Media, Photos

    Robert Swetlic ’16 Editor-In-Chief For their first league game of the season, the Girls Varsity Soccer Team played at home against Fitzgerald. The girls scored two points in the first half and fought to keep the ball away from their goal. In the second half, the girls scored an additional two points and worked to [...]

  • Lancer halts production due to spring break
    Posted in: Announcements

    Staff In order to give our staff a well deserved break, The Lancer will halt production during spring break. Spring break begins at the end of the school day on Thursday, April 2nd. School resumes on Monday, April 13th. Until we resume a regular posting schedule, feel free to browse through our March archives and [...]

  • Insert Clever Column Name Here; Four things
    Posted in: Columns, Views (Opinion)

    Robert Swetlic ’16 Editor-In-Chief When I thought about what I wanted to write about for my March column, I felt like I was bombarded with so many ideas. Not wanting to choose, I decided to follow the model that my fellow Editor, Antonia Ruthenberg, uses. Antonia usually picks one central idea for her column and [...]

  • Robotics Team set to compete against 39 other teams
    Posted in: Current (News)

    Ryan Thompson 17′ Staff Writer While the rest of South Lake students are beginning their Spring Break, The Mighty Cavbots Robotics Team will be entering their biggest competition of the season. On April 3rd and 4th, the team will be competing against 39 other teams at Troy Athens High School. The team hopes to demonstrate [...]

  • March 2015 Print Issue
    Posted in: Print

    Sex ed reform, censorship and feminism. Brought to you by the staff of The Lancer. Happy reading!

  • Girls Basketball Team wraps successful season
    Posted in: Play (Sports)

    Cameron Sanders ’17 Staff Writer  What Happened The Girls Varsity Basketball Team is exceedingly proud of their accomplishments. Having an overall (15-3) season record, a (14-0) league record and winning the Silver Title shows how hard the girls worked to get achieve their goal. This hard work also transferred to the classroom, where multiple players [...]

  • Published author speaks to Book Club about her novel
    Posted in: Current (News), Students

    Christina Daguanno ’17 Staff Writer  Christine Allen-Riley, author of the book EvenTide, visited the high school’s book club on Friday to discuss topics such as her novel and the writing process for aspiring writers and fellow lovers of literature. The members of the book club were accompanied by a few other students who were just [...]

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