• Boys swim dives into a new season
    Posted in: Play (Sports)

    Christina Daguanno ‘17 and Gillian Skiba ’18 Staff Writers The boys’ swim team has made a serious splash, starting out the season with some satisfying victories. Their first meet was also their first win, beating Lincoln 105 to 55. The boys were very pleased with their score. “I knew we would do well, but to [...]

  • Detroit is more than just the bad
    Posted in: Views (Opinion)

    Cornisha Kendrick ‘15 Staff Writer The first thing people think when they hear the word “Detroit” is almost always negative. Almost every conversation I’ve heard about Detroit included phrases like “Detroit? I’m not going down there to get shot” or other stereotypes along those lines. The fact that people view Detroit this way is upsetting [...]

  • Reviewing Starbucks
    Posted in: Downtime (Arts & Entertainment), Student Life

    Starbucks coffee and specialty drinks get reviewed  Gillian Skiba ’18 Staff Writer  Coffee can be a great way to kick-start your morning or to keep you functioning during your late nights of studying.  But why shouldn’t  you treat yourself to a decadent coffee drink whenever you feel like it? The well known cafe-chain/coffee chain, Starbucks, [...]

  • Editorial; Ebola feelings
    Posted in: Editorials, Views (Opinion)

    Staff From social media to the kid in your English class that yells “I have Ebola” every time he sneezes, people just can’t seem to stop talking about Ebola. While the rest of the world if busy freaking out about Ebola, we here at The Lancer Staff believe that things have been blown outrageously out [...]

  • Lifelong: Featuring Cassie Kury
    Posted in: Play (Sports)

    Christina Daguanno ’17 Staff Writer “I really enjoy playing sports. The competition and excitement is what motivates me to participate,” says Sophomore Cassandra Kury. Her sports career started at the age of two and a half, when her mother, Shelly Kury, decided that her daughter had too much unused energy. Even as a baby, Kury [...]

  • Big Shot: November 1-5
    Posted in: Big Shots, Media

    NHS holds blood drive The NHS held its annual blood drive to give students the opportunity to save up to three lives by giving three pints of blood. NHS saw a modest student turn out as well as some adults and community members coming in to donate blood. NHS Advisor Julie Bukowski says that this [...]

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