• Tips for students on staying safe on the roads this winter
    Posted in: Detail (Feature)

    Brianna Walker ‘15 Staff Writer Winter driving can be hazardous and scary, especially in northern regions that get a lot of snow and ice. Preparations can help make a trip safer or help drivers deal with an emergency. Here are some tips for driving in the winter. Inspect Your Vehicle Prepare your car for the [...]

  • UK band The Vamps releases new hit single
    Posted in: Downtime (Arts & Entertainment), Reviews

    David Gardner ‘16 Staff Writer With an extremely repetitive yet catchy chorus, The Vamps’ hit song featuring Demi Lovato, “Somebody To You,” has peaked the interest of many, with over 50.9 million views on YouTube. The Vamps are originally from the UK with an impressive amount of fans. Although they aren’t extremely popular in America, [...]

  • Junior-senior mentoring program focuses on improving junior’s grades
    Posted in: Current (News)

    Ryan Thompson ‘17 Staff Writer Due to declining grades among the junior class, English Teacher Julie Bukowski has created a program to help juniors who need to bring up their grades. This program is for juniors who are getting subpar grades in classes. It also helps students make plans for life after high school. The [...]

  • Lions fans angered over disappointing end to season
    Posted in: Play (Sports)

    Cameron Sanders ‘17 Staff Writer Lions fans everywhere were outraged at the calls made at Sunday’s wild-card game against the Dallas Cowboys. The game ended in a win for Dallas, the score being 20-24. According to a report by ESPN’s own Adam Schefter, NFL officials admitted to the Detroit Lions on Tuesday that the officials [...]

  • Cookies and Cram helps students prepare for midterms
    Posted in: Briefs, Current (News), Students

    Cidni Couch ’15 Yearbook Staff Member, Guest Writer  Midterms are almost here. And if you’re a freshmen who doesn’t know what to expect, the LINK Leaders have you covered. ‘Cookies and Cram,’ an after school event for freshmen only, focuses on teaching freshmen how to study for exams for the first time. LINK Leaders are [...]

  • University of Michigan brings on new football coach
    Posted in: Play (Sports)

    Antonia Ruthenberg ‘15 Section Editor The former All-American quarterback who guaranteed a victory over Ohio State and led the Wolverines to the 1987 Rose Bowl is returning to The Big House in Ann Arbor nearly 20 years later. Jim Harbaugh was the first and overwhelming choice from the moment Brady Hoke was fired from his [...]

  • Je
    Lancer Staff reflects on the Charlie Hebdo attack
    Posted in: Editorials, Miscellaneous, Views (Opinion)

    Staff After the attacks on the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly newspaper in Paris, The Lancer Staff has taken time to reflect on what it means to be a newspaper in a world where journalism has drastically changed. In today’s world, if you’re not being politically correct, then you’re wrong. From TIME magazine [...]

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